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Microblading & Permanent Make Up

Microblading & Permanent Make Up

What is Microblading 

Microblading (also known as eyebrow embroidery or feathering) originated in Far East Asia. This method is the finest form of eyebrow tattooing, using a pen-like device with a disposable microblade attached to stroke very thin lines of pigment into the skin. These thin lines flow in the same direction as your own hairs, and create the most natural results. This method is different than the traditional tattoo done by machine. If you get keloid scarring, this treatment will NOT be suitable for you. All options will be discussed during the consultation, and tattooing will not start until the final design is agreed upon.

For Eyebrow Microblading

If your natural eyebrows are dramatically uneven, you may have to give up a significant amount of  your eyebrow hairs or choose a much thicker shape to achieve better symmetry. If those options are not desired and symmetry is not a concern for you, you may opt to tattoo over the natural flow of each eyebrow. All options will be discussed during the consultation, and tattooing will not start until the final design is agreed upon so please come prepared with an idea in mind of how you would like to design your eyebrows. Having pictures available will help me have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve.

Please read these

Care Instructions

Micropigmentation Aftercare:

  • It is critical that you follow all the aftercare instructions to achieve optimum results.
  • Wash your hands before any contact with your brows to avoid infection while they are healing.

Day 1-2:

  • Gently blot the area using a damp paper towel with distilled or bottled water once every few hours.
  • Repeat it once more before bed and apply a very thin layer of aftercare ointment.
  • Warm ointment between fingers before applying.

Day 3-14:

  • Apply a very thin layer of aftercare ointment with very clean hands.
  • Repeat 2-3 times a day to ensure proper healing.
  • Do not use aggressive movements while performing post care.
  • Blot ointment off before applying new layer.

General Care Instructions:

  • KEEP AREA CLEAN. Only touch with exceptionally clean hands.
  • DO NOT SOAK the treated area in water
  • NO BATHING. No swimming, saunas, hot tubs or baths.
  • NO TANNING. No sunbathing, tanning beds or spray tans.
  • NO EXCESSIVE SWEATING. Intense exercise, sports etc.
  • NO SKIN TREATMENTS. No laser, chemical treatments, peels, Botox, products containing retinoids or acids.
  • NO PICKING. No picking, peeling, scratching of the area in order to avoid scarring or removal of pigment.
  • NO SLEEPING ON BROWS. Change pillowcase on the day of procedure.
  • NO HEAVY CLEANING. No performing tasks related to heavy household cleaning such as; garages, yards, basements or attics where there is an abundance of airborne debris.
  • NO HOT OR SPICY FOODS (for lip treatments only)
  • EXCESSIVE DRINKING can cause loss of pigment and a longer healing time.
  • DO NOT drive in open air vehicles such as; convertibles, boats, bikes, etc.

If an infection or adverse reaction occurs at the site of your permanent makeup, contact your personal physician for treatment and report to SNHD special programs at 702-759-0677





and let Evanka know if you have any questions

before your scheduled appointment.

Microblading Appointments



Powder Brows


Fusion Brows


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Touch Up Appointments

6-8 weeks


3-6 months


6-12 months


12-24 months


24+ months


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We do NOT accept walk ins.

Wax Bunny is located at 7656 W Sahara Ave just East of Buffalo. Wax Bunny is located inside SKINWORKS inside the Cumorah shopping center. 

You can call or text 702-499-4064 or email Appointments are required.

You may NOT have this procedure if :

You are under 18

You get Keloid scars

You are pregnant or breastfeeding

You have been on Accutane within 1 year

You have irritation of the skin of any kind such as blemishes, pimples, rash, psoriosis, eczema, rosacea, sunburn on the area of procedure.

You are on Retin-A or Retinols.  Be off 30 days before appointment and avoid 30 days after procedure.

Diabetic (consult your doctor)

Have HIV or Hepatitus or any other viral infections and/or diseases

Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)


A Pacemaker or major heart problems

Had an Organ transplant

You generally don’t heal well and develop infections easily

If your old tattoo is too dark (please contact me to send a picture so I can see how faded your old tattoo is)

Please be aware:

Do NOT DRINK ALCOHOL or CAFFEINE  before the procedure (at least 24hrs for alcohol)

Do NOT  TAKE ADVIL or other blood thinners such a Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen unless medically necessary, 48-72 hrs prior to your procedure. Extra strength Tylenol can be taken if you have low pain tolerance.

If you have recently tanned this will affect the outcome of the healed colour.

If you’ve had laser removal of previous work done by someone else, the treated area has now more scar tissue and can affect the outcome of the result.  More treatments may be necessary to have the skin take the colour.

Botox should be done 4 weeks before or 4 weeks after the procedure.

No exercising the day of treatment and 10 days following

Please note that you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.

No waxing, threading or tinting 3 days before

No chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, strong exfoliants, vitamin E, retinols, fish oil, or anything that will thin out your skin in the treated area at least 4 weeks before your appointment.

Please send a picture of your current tattoo before making your appointment to ensure we are able to perform microblading over it with an aesthetically pleasing result.

Immediately after, the area will be EXTREMELY dark and get darker over the next 2 days as a scab forms in the area. 30-50% of your pigment will be in the scabs. Over the next 7-14 days your scabs should flake off bit by bit. Some people scab in light flakes and some develop a thick scab. Everybody is different, but whatever you do, do NOT pick at the scabs and make sure you read through and follow the AFTERCARE INSTUCTIONS properly to obtain the best results. 

If the scabbing phase is not over by 14 days, please continue your Aftercare intructions until scabs are completly gone.

After the scabbing phase is over, you will see that the color of your pigment appears foggy and muted in color because a layer of skin has grown over the pigment to seal it in. Not to worry, over the next several weeks your skin will regenerate and the pigment will be more vibrant in color. The complete healing process takes at least 6 weeks which is when the true orientation of the pigment will show.

For most people, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem going to work or being out in public, as long as you’re good at following aftercare instructions. However, some people may develop thicker scabs and have minor swelling. You may take an Advil or apply an icepack after your treatment to reduce swelling and discomfort. 

Getting them wet for prolonged periods of time may cause premature lifting of your scabs and increase the chance of infections and loss of pigment. If you get them wet, you must blot them dry immediately to avoid complications and undesired results such as smudgey blurred lines, scar tissue, and uneven pigment.

You also must avoid sweating in that area for at least 10 days. Salt draws out pigment and you will be left with undersirable results.

Chemicals found in makeup and cleansers may alter the color of the pigment and affect the healing process so it would be best to wash around it.

No makeup on the brows for at least two weeks but everywhere else is fine.

For brows, 2 hours. The consultation takes up most of this time. The actual tattooing is 15-30 minutes. Touchups are 1 hour 30 minutes.

The first appointment is about stucture, design, and building hairstrokes. The touchup is about seeing how the skin heals and retains pigment, as well as making any neccesary adjustments to achieve better symmetry, definition, or volume

In most cases, only a minor touchup is neccesary to fill in any sparse areas for a very natural look and some do choose to skip the touch-up appointment to keep the look more natural.

If you are opting for a fuller more defined look, then the touch-up is recommended to achieve desired results.

Some may need a 3rd session to complete the process. Especially if you have little to no hair to begin with, have scar tissue, oily skin type, or we are trying to cover up an old tattoo.

It is recommended that after 2 sessions of microblading, you should wait until after one year to go over the area again. Even if it has faded before one year, you can fill in with makeup and wait at least a full year before coming back. You don’t want to be microblading too often, too soon as it would be over traumatizing your skin.

It is recommended that after 2 sessions of microblading, you should wait until after one year to go over the area again. Even if it has faded before one year, you can fill in with makeup and wait at least a full year before coming back. You don’t want to be microblading too often, too soon as it would be over traumatizing your skin.

They fade over time and should be refreshed every 1-1. 5 years for maintenance. Fading is desired as your skin and facial structure will change as aging occurs. However this does not mean that your semi-permanent makeup will completely disappear. Depending on  your skin and health, overtime your semi-permanent makeup may leave a soft haze of residual pigment behind. It is recommended to refresh them before 2 years and no sooner than 1 year. If they have faded before a year, you may fill them in with makeup and wait after 1 year to come back for additional touchups to avoid too much trauma to your skin.

  • Iron deficiency
  • Sun exposure
  • Exfoliants
  • Strong immune systems
  • Exposure to salt water

I use iron oxide pigments. These pigments fade over time as your body will naturally absorb it. They are considered the safest semi-permanent pigments to use for skin.

All needles and hand tools are single-use, come in a sterilized package, and disposed of after each client.

Implements such as gauze, cotton swabs, etc. are single-use and disposed of after each client.

Gloves and mask are worn at all times during the procedure and disposed of after each client.

All stations are thoroughly disinfected with Caviwipes after each client.

We exercise a 24 hour cancellation policy as we are a by appointment only salon at this time.

We do NOT accept walk ins.

Located inside Skinworks at 7656 W. Sahara Ave Suite 130 Las Vegas, 89117 

Cancellation Policy

June 23, 2017


We exercise a 24 hour cancellation policy. We are a “By Appointment Only” salon at this time.


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